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Scientific Research & Picture World

I do research work in international archives and offer scientific advisory services to film productions, and arrange for local and international contemporary witnesses to all aspects of World War II to appear in films. In addition, I research records for photos and films, and am an expert in the areas of weaponry and uniforms. I also proofread film scripts and correct the pronunciation of languages such as Polish or Japanese, for example. My main focus is on aerial warfare, intelligence services, resistance movements, the war in Russia, armaments, weaponry and the Allied Forces - also pertaining to the War in the Pacific. Photos, film sequences, plans and documents can be made available for publishing; please also refer to Bookings. My services have proven to be an indispensable factor in bringing issues into the public to question acts and incidents that had remained unknown or had not been dealt with before. I am member of an international network of scientists and experts.


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Professional Background

Michael Foedrowitz
Michael Foedrowitz

Studies of contemporary history at the University of Hanover.

London 1985, thesis on the Jewish resistance in the occupied Polish territories; began dissertation about the German security and ordinance forces in the ‘Generalgouvernement’ (general Government) fighting the Polish resistance movement.

In 1980, published a series of articles in the Polish magazine WPROST which resulted in a controversial discussion lasting many years about the role that Poland played during German occupation.

Now living in Berlin. As researcher, author and scientific consultant for numerous film documentaries on the Third Reich and World War II, I have written numerous publications for many specialist papers and popular science magazines and books.

Presently working on various projects.

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